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Procedure for online genetic counseling:
1. Applying and agreeing the date, time of online consulting, technical capabilities - through the feedback form OR Clinic NADIYA ( +38 067 722 94 09, +380990800812 ).

2. Pre-payment for online counseling

3. Sending scans of medical and other documents related to the topic of online counseling for preliminary reference.

4. Conducting of online counseling at an agreed time.

In which cases telemedicine / online consultation may be recommended:
• issues of family planning, risk assessment of hereditary / congenital pathology, preimplantation genetic diagnosis of embryos, prenatal diagnosis, postnatal examination of adults and children.
• designing a patient examination plan
• interpretation of results of genetic testing
• Repeat appointment after face-to-face consultation

According to the results of the teleconsultation,  an OFFICIAL report will be prepared in accordance with the forms confirmed by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

Limitations of telemedical consultations:
• it is remotely may be impossible to carry out complete phenotyping in genetics. If necessary, you may be recommended an in-person consultation
• primary patients are not diagnosed during telemedical consultations in limited cases
• telemedical consultations are conducted exclusively with the help of specialized software and hardware.

Consultation (primary) in the case of a syndromal pathology corresponds to the international standards of ESHG, ASHG, UpToDate and international clinical protocols.
The initial consultative appointment of a professor, doctor of medical sciences includes:
- preliminary analysis of questionnaire data provided by the patient or the patient's representative
- preliminary detailed analysis of the provided medical documents, if necessary, additionally provided upon request
- face-to-face or online meetings (up to 60 minutes)
- phenotyping of the patient
- coding of symptoms according to the HPO system for further diagnosis and/or interpretation of genetic examination results.
- use of artificial intelligence tools to analyze the clinical signs and carry out primary differential diagnosis (cloud technologies of the Charite Clinic, Germany) (if necessary)
- extended advisory opinion with recommendations (Ministry of Health f.028/о)
- support in the organization of expert genetic testing (if necessary)



Consultation of patients for "Birds for Sofia" foundation

Coordination of patient consultations takes place through the responsible representative of the "Birds for Sofia" fund. Appointment of genetic examinations (if necessary) is determined by a geneticist. We are not responsible for the appointment of other doctors



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